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Separated nature and city; captured as soundart and abstract paintings, images and sounds support each other. Theodor Adorno’s idea of ​​capitalism and the pop culture industry is an important part of my art. The abstract expressive paintings vs soundart raw recordings offer reflection of the relationship between consumer society and (abstract) art. Through commercialism to easy pleasure; how the passivated herd drowns in society’s frenzy of consumption and factory noise in the forest. Commercialism can be heard in the voices as a ”noise” created by humans. On the other hand, longing for nature ”appears” in my nature soundscapes, like in Voltaire’s novel L’Ingénu. Also, Martin Heidegger’s idea of ​​”Dasein”, is a significant part of art, the moment when the artistic work/inspiration is over. I want the viewer to feel my work holistically and for it to speak to them deeply in thei brain. Human is just a biological robot without a soul. Existence of sound and image; my works express the dilemma of realism and abstraction. Abstract images and realistic sound create a dynamic movement towards people, society and the thought that we are part of the universe that is looking at itself. True reality is more in nature than in human(oids) enviroment. The immaterial nature of the sound, the timelessness of the abstract image, the mysticism, the objectivity as a human thing – creates a psychological effect and the movement that takes place in the brain as well as in society’s functions or through flocking behavior; in terms of industry and consumption at the expense of nature and ”our” planet’s wellbeing.

my DEPRESSIONISTIC Manifest in the year of 2023:

As a sound artist and abstract expressionistic painter, I am deeply committed to using my art as a means of bringing about positive change in the world. Through my work, I aim to convey a powerful message of peace and hope, while also exploring the depths of our collective pain and suffering.
Through my sound art, I seek to create an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of language and culture.Like Godard ”Art is not the reflection of reality, it is the reality of reflection.”, I see art as a way to see behind lies and abuse. By using sound as a means of expression, I aim to tap into the deep emotional currents that run through us all, and to create a sense of connection and unity. Whether through the use of field recordings or electronic manipulation, my soundscapes offer a powerful commentary on the world and society around us.
Similarly, my abstract expressionistic paintings offer a powerful statement on the human condition. Through the use of color, texture, and form, I seek to convey the depth of our collective sadness and despair. My work is an exploration of the inner landscape of the human brain activity, a visual representation of the pain and suffering that we all share.
Through my art, I seek to challenge the status quo, to break down the barriers that divide us, and to offer a glimmer of hope in an otherwise hopeless world. Whether through sound or paint, my work is a reflection of my deep commitment to the power of art to effect positive change in the world.

end of mY DEPRESSIONISTIC Manifest

NewsPoem Project: (Galleria 3h +k & Galleria 5 )
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Sounds From Exhibitions:
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